Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Gummy Crocodiles.

I'll be immediately honest. This particular post is only being made as an effort to procrastinate. I have to finishing writing my Russian essay for my abroad application, but oh well. It's driving me crazy. Moving into week three, nothing too exciting has happened. I think I need to do something to improve what's bothering me, but I'm here for such a short time that the pros may outweigh the cons.

Again, probably the most interesting thing to discuss here are further conversations with my host mother. I really didn't think we would ever spend an evening discussing hermaphrodite fish or Jane Fonda's ups and downs. Her life was really very interesting, and I'm content just to listen. She asked me if I could understand all she said and when I replied yes, she told me "don't worry, it's all there. One day you'll speak just fine". Yes. I hope so.

This weekend I go to Giverny (Monet's house, one of my favorite places in France) and Rouen. Hopefully a group tour doesn't kill me. I'm so sick of them. Next week I go to a ballet and will force my new heels on everyone. Visiting friends soon, too. Good news soon? I hope!

I worry my disease of constantly thinking forward and wishing to try out different perspectives prevents me from really living my current situation. I keep thinking about the next year and a half of my life and all I need and want to accomplish. I keep wondering if different options would have been better. By the end of my undergraduate career, I will have attended eight different universities in three different countries. Ridiculous.

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