Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Le temps a passe.....

I haven't written here in a really long time and I fear it's beginning to lose it's purpose. Oh well. I have about six weeks left here so I will try to be more faithful. Right now, I have a few things to say:

1. Some weeks ago I decided to supplement my breakfasts with a little thing of yogurt every morning. Usually in grocery stores here they have an immense yogurt selection with a wide variety of flavors. I have just been buying whatever looks good, but when I brought my yogurt home I would notice the brand names and read their uses....one to keep me regular! One to keep me thin! One great for low sugar intake! Each time I realized this, I was already way into finishing my box, wondering with each bite why my yogurt tasted a little funny. Also, I like to think that my host mother sees each purchase and wonders why I am so obsessive about weight loss, because for some reason that seems funny to me.

2. Most universities (not mine) and working people have off this week and next week for an array of holidays. My host mom was explaining this to me yesterday and then said "Charlotte (the previously mentioned cat) has gone to her vacation house in the south of France with her big garden!", which was maybe the cutest thing I ever heard.

3. I went to Barcelona two weekends ago and it was really, really fun despite raining the whole time. I ate black rice (rice mixed with squid ink) paella and a plate of what appeared to be fried guppies. We also had giant mugs of sangria that no one but me finished (not a point of pride, really). Then last weekend I saw Vicky Christina Barcelona again and could recognize the scenery....not too necessary to the plot, but whatev.

4. My host mom has had two parties in the past few weeks and I have been to both. They were extremely interesting and gave me both practice with my French (and in some cases Russian!) and also the realization that I have a LONG WAY to go. Sigh. But it was nice to have an apertif with her family and friends and gain some cultural perspective.

5. Bryan soon! He arrives when I return from Amsterdam and I've been trying to create a perfect schedule so that I can show my favorite person my favorite city.

I'm really excited for what the future holds, but I really wish I could be in France longer. I keep having these intense reflections when I walk home late at night alongside the park and slip on wet leaves. I love Paris. I love French. When I left the last time I knew exactly when I would be back, but leaving this time will be much harder. Sigh.

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Yo, I love sangria.